All age groups under one roof

Stuttgart „Multi-Generation House West“


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Image: Blick auf Generationshaus

Photography: W. Janzer, Stuttgart

A very wealthy family left its estate to the City of Stuttgart (pop. 580.000). As the sole heir, the council could spend approximately 50 million euros, tied to social measures. The money helped create four social amenities. The „Multi-Generation House West“ is one of these projects. It is located in the late 19th century, densely populated residential quarter of "Stuttgart-West" near the city centre.


Project description

Image: Rückansicht mit Spielplazt

Photography: W. Janzer, Stuttgart

A five-storey, partially terraced building was constructed on the site of a rundown day-care centre requiring demolition. The project was financed by the foundation “Rudolf Schmid und Herman Schmid Stiftung” and is operated cooperatively by the council’s full-day care centre for children, the geriatric care service “Freie Altenarbeit”, the geriatric support agency “Wohlfahrtswerk” and the self-help group “Eltern-Kind-Zentrum”. The cooperation of the various sponsors started as early as during the planning phase and is continued in the practical day-to-day work. The professional amenities provided by this institution are supported and augmented by honorary work and resident commitment.

On an overall floor space of 6.000 m², the multi-generation house West accommodates a municipal day-care centre for 120 children, a flexible care service for small children with place sharing, 10 apartments for elderly residents, a canteen kitchen for the district’s day-care centres, a neighbourhood café with open childminding, a second-hand shop, a geriatric and medical care service, and generous shared spaces which are also open to the neighbourhood. These include a garden and a playground, a roof terrace and event, hobby and gymnastics rooms.

The building’s development structure supports the open and communicative concept of the multi-generation house. The centrally located foyer is a meeting point for the building’s residents and their guests. Various internal sight axes and external views create a friendly and inviting atmosphere throughout the building. The apartments for senior residents are located on the third to fifth floors and are available to German and immigrant citizens alike. The barrier-free development and sanitary engineering amenities provided facilitate comfortable use in all life situations.

A broad range of events addresses the building's residents and guests in equal measure. The facility is a neighbourhood meeting place for families and singles, natives and more recent arrivals, old and young.


Project chronology

Year Event
1997 Planning start
2001 Opening of the building


Image: Kind im Generationenhaus

Photography: W. Janzer, Stuttgart

  • Promoting encounters between all generations from various cultures, fighting isolation and disinterestedness
  • Trying out new approaches for generation-spanning social work
  • A place that combines professional services with honorary work and civil commitment
  • New forms of community work and living

Types of measures

Image: Blick zum Stadtteilcafé

Photography: W. Janzer, Stuttgart

  • Construction of a multi-functional building
  • District cafe
  • Day-care centre with crèche for toddlers
  • 10 apartments for the elderly
  • Event, hobby and fitness rooms
  • Continuous event programme


Image: Innenhof

Photography: W. Janzer, Stuttgart

The multi-generation house West successfully merges and concentrates a variety of amenities, institutions and facilities in one place. Professional help and civil support are accommodated in a transparent and thought-out architecture. The intercultural and generation-spanning amenity has a positive effect on the entire district.



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Further information

The projekt site ist to be found at postal code: 70176 - town: Stuttgart - street: Ludwigstrasse 41.



  • Generationenhaus West, Carola Haegele, Ludwigstrasse 41-43, 70176 Stuttgart, tel. 0711/21616-58 fax: 0711/21616-60 email generationenhaus@carola-haegele.de
  • Architekturbüro Kohlhoff und Kohlhoff, Stuttgart (layout plan)

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